Kirov Dancer Rehearsing Juliet

Artist: Donald Hamilton Fraser

Pic num 310

Born July 1929, in London. Fraser is mostly noted for his abstract landscape paintings.

From 1949-52, he trained at London’s Saint Martin’s School of Art.

He was awarded a one-year French government scholarship in Paris in 1953 while in the same year his premier solo exhibition was given at Gimpel Fils, a London art gallery (where he had nine shows between 1953 and 1971). [source]

In addition, he exhibited his work in many cities around the world including: Paris, New York, Tokyo and Zurich.

In his landscape work, he “combined his Scottish decent and his affinity with French painting” which reflected in his style–he would produce a collage effect by layering thick bright paint with a palette knife. The results from this was a contrast (highlighting the artist’s diversity of work) to his chalk and wash drawings of dancers. [source]

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