Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 9

Card 11 part 1

A new Chapel, designed after plans for expansion to 400 students and more had been announced in 1958, was planned by 1960 and opened in 1964 when it was becoming apparent that numbers were swelling still further. With 630 students King Alfred’s was in that year ‘the largest Church of England College for men and women in the country.’ The new organ bore a plaque in remembrance of Principal Dickinson.Card 11 part 2

To the right is a picture of a congregation including the Reverend Charles Foster of the Divinity Department, emerging from Chapel c 1970.




Card 11 part 3

The building was converted to an IT centre and renamed the Kenneth Kettle Building after a long-serving Governor, and a former teacher at Winchester College.

Card 11 part 4




An IT centre since 1997, the building works well in its new role now adorned with a window showing King Alfred, rescued from a redundant church in Southampton.

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