Kirov Dancer Rehearsing Juliet

Artist: Donald Hamilton Fraser Born July 1929, in London. Fraser is mostly noted for his abstract landscape paintings. From 1949-52, he trained at London's Saint Martin's School of Art. He was awarded a one-year French government scholarship in Paris in 1953 while in the same year his premier solo exhibition was given at Gimpel Fils, a … Continue reading Kirov Dancer Rehearsing Juliet

Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 8

There was no Chapel in Colson's original plans and it was not until subscription allowed that this Chapel was added after 1880. As student numbers grew the chapel extended westwards between 1897 and 1910 and a door was inserted in the south side. Compulsory Chapel remained part of the College life until c 1970. An … Continue reading Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 8