Paintings by Dr Megan Clay

Dr. Clay is a feminist theologian. Her art is based on her experience as a female child and woman within the society.

Her paintings are located in the West wing of the Main Building, ground floor.mb-n-3mb-n-4mb-n-6mb-n-7

She defines the subject area of her art as “female subjectivity supported by a body theology narrative which is based in and is one of multiple strands of feminist liberation theology.

Paintings include: Narrative of Mary,  Cosmic Explosions,  Woman Breaking Bread and  Transcience.  

In 2012 she wrote a PhD thesis titled: Dancing in the Cosmos: Towards Liberating Theological Models for Children’s Spirituality and Sexuality. Written within a feminist liberation theological context with the focus on the female child.

Through her art she explores the female body narrative, in relation to the divine within the bigger cosmological picture.

From 16th June to 29th July 2016, she curated an exhibition in The Link Gallery titled “Feminist Images of Mary/Miriam” following the success of the “Christ/a” exhibition that she also curated the summer before. This exhibition continued with the theme of female/feminist views of central figures in Christianity and it featured works by eleven artists and theologians from across Europe.

For more information on that exhibition, click here.

For the artist’s blog click here.

Dr Clay also completed work on the Entanglement panel in The Cosmic Walk; a “theological attempt to place our feet in the unfolding story of the cosmos and from there to reflect upon that which we call divine”

More information on The Cosmic Walk, as well as a document of an Interview with the artist herself, can be found here.

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