Artist: Bernard Buffet Born 10 July 1928 in Paris, France. He was a painter of expressionism and a member of the anti-abstract art group "L'homme Témoin" (the Witness-Man) His first solo show was in Paris in 1947 and in 1948 he was awarded the Prix de la Critique jointly with Bernard Lorjou. At this point he … Continue reading Metador

Red Orchid

Artist: Dennis Hawkins Born in 1925 in England, he was a painter, sculptor and printmaker. He studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford from 1947 to 1949. Then at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1949 to 1952. From the 50s he exhibited widely in London Galleries that included: Gimpel Fils, Artists' International Association, Redfern … Continue reading Red Orchid

Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 18

To the left is an image of the Common Room in the early twentieth century. Having a drink in the former Students Union of the 1960s, subsequently the Senior Common Room and now Student Services by the Terrace. Entertaining in a study bedroom. In early days after the admission of women in 1960, Vice-Principal Robina … Continue reading Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 18