Walter Crane Art (part 3/6)

The six framed art works by Walter Cranest-g-n-62 grace a corridor on the ground floor of St.
Grimbald’s Court.

Jack and Jill appeared in the 1877 “Baby’s Opera”, a book of English nursery songs planned with Edmund Evans.

About the artist:

In his autobiography he pointed out: “My early experiments with the pencil – and I never remember being without one of some kind – procured for me a certain local repute among our neighbours and acquaintances… I picked up in my father’s studio and under his eye a variety of artistic knowledge in an unsystematic way. I was always drawing, and any reading, or looking at prints or pictures, led back to drawing again.

The wood engraver, W.J. Linton, who Crane apprenticed under from 1859 to 1862, told him stories of the struggle for parliamentary reform, which had an important influence on his early political development.

The quality of Crane’s work impressed Linton, and he helped him find commissions which included making illustration for a book planned by John R – The New Forest: its History and its Scenery (1862)


Later, Crane was asked to contribute illustrations to a series of books for very young children, nursery rhymes and fairy tales (known as “Toy Books”) to be printed by Edmund Evans, a leading woodblock colour printer in London.

High quality images came from Paul Webb’s blog. It can be found here.


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