Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 11

Card 14 part 1

The Urban Studies Centre in Bethnal Green in east London was established in the 1970s to provide opportunities for students to experience working in inner city schools among different communities. This shot from 1985 shows a student teaching and the varying ethnicity of children.

Card 14 part 2

The image to the left shows Simon Roffey being interviewed for the BBC One Show on site at the excavations of the Winchester medieval leper hospital in 2011 where buildings and burials have been unearthed. Archaeology has always had a community aspect to it. At the leper hospital when a pilgrim’s shell (denoting a pilgrimage to the shrine of St James at Compostela) was discovered in the dig, this was followed by a pilgrimage from the city centre to the site.

Card 14 part 3

Many groups of American Studies students have spent time on exchange and on fieldwork in the US. Here a group relaxes in the Mojave Desert in California. Links with a number of American Universities and Colleges have been forged: Chapman College, University of Calfiornia Long Beach, Wisconsin Eau-Claire and elsewhere.

Card 14 part 4

Links with Basingstoke have been longstanding. Here we see Chute House in the centre of the town where a variety of courses, mostly part time Foundation Degrees, were tought from 2004 up until 2001, including Education, Healthcare and Business. During the 1990s, nursing and midwifery training took place in the Donald Burrel Centre at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. A previous arrangement existed from September 1968 when there was an’outpost’ of some 25-35 students annually who trained as teachers, during a national shortage, latterly in the converted Civil Defence Building. The outpost closed in 1977.


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