Orange Fields

Artist: Garrick Palmer

An English painter, wood engraver and photographer born in Portsmouth, 20th September 1933. Following an education at St. John’s College, Southsea, Palmer received a National Diploma of Design in painting and engraving from the Portsmouth College of Art and Design.


During his postgraduate study, he was awarded several scholarships (including the Leverhulme Scholarship 1957) and the Royal Academy Gold Medal, 1958.

After becoming a full-time tutor at Winchester School of Art in 1962 and retiring in 1986, he devoted himself full-time to his art.

“There can, in my view, be a link between photography and print making, in the shape of two essential factors: the block or plate, generally termed as relief printing, and the negative or file, when referring to the digital process. Both act as an intermediate starting point for a wide range of future work and it is where the Artist/Photographer would aim to exploit their visual and perceptive boundaries. While that could be a rather idealistic view, photography often has the additional ingredient of the client, which may significantly change the role of the photographer.”

You can view the artist’s website here.

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