Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 5


The Bar End Playing Field, about a mile from the College, purchased in 1935 provided an outlet for energetic students as this cricket match with the rugby posts beyond shows. It was turned over to pasture during the Second War and needed much reclamation thereafter.


Today the all-weather track and sports field, the latter a joint venture with the City Council, have replaced the cricket pitch: a splendid new facility.





A team emerges from the new Athletic Union of 2006. The former pavilion, which had been completed in 1962 and opened by the Mayor of Winchester, was repeatedly targeted and eventually destroyed by vandals. One distinction (and maybe attraction!) was that it was that building, in 1963, which was granted the first licensed bar on College property. The replacement buildings are designed to guard against further unwelcome attention.

A Winton hockey match in progress on the all-weather pitch.
The facilities are shared with the City and local community. Here Winchester Athletics Club competitors are seen hurdling.

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