Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 15

The student village at West Downs, designed by Feilden Clegg, the first phase of which was opened in Autumn 1995. It won a National Housing Award when the Minister of Housing suggested that it would form a good set for West Side Story.

Card 19 part 1Card 19 part 2 no textCard 19 part 3 no text

There are now 900 students on the site.

Card 20 part 1

On the other hand–The Masters’ Lodge, as its name suggests was occupied by the West Downs school bachelor masters. Designed by John Simpson it dates to 1905. Simpson went on to a knighthood and designed the twin towers of Wembley stadium in a more modern style than the Arts and Crafts we see here. It was the last West Downs building to be refurbished (by James Lunn Rockliffe) and is now the Research and Knowledge Exchange Centre, and the focus for Doctroeal and MPhil work following university Research Degree Awarding Powers in August 2008.

Card 20 part 2


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