Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 14

Card 18 part 1

West Downs, built c 1880, became a Prep School under Lionel Helbert in 1897. Subsequently owned and run by the Cornes family it closed in 1987 and became increasingly derelict until it was purchased by the College in 1994.

Card 18 part 2

With the student Village built in the mid-1990s, the West Downs building itself could be renovated and became first a performing arts centre and is now the Winchester Business School.

Card 18 part 3

To the right is an image of the weather vane at West Downs, including a silhouette of Tommy Geddes. who worked at the University for more than 19 years. Retiring as a Deputy Vice-Chancellor on the 25th January 2013, he became one of the first to be appointed as a complaints Ombudsman. [More info here.]

Card 18 part 4

Plantings across the campuses have been important especially under Thomas Graty who introduced many exotic plants on the King Alfred’s campus in the four decades after 1945. This more recent wisteria enhances the facade of West Downs.

Card 18 part 5


Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England with Pro-Vice-Chancellor Liz Stuart when he opened the Winchester Business School in 2011.

Card 18 part 6






The link between the restored buildings at West Downs provides a valuable gallery space for exhibitions and is much in demand.



Visit the official University of Winchester Link Gallery website here.


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