Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 6


The Dytche was not purchased from the Dean and Chapter until 1951. Its level surface was engineered at the east end by the manipulation of ‘the enormous chalk mound which so long disfigured the field and made a large part of it quite useless’ as the Principal reported at the time. Chalk is clearly visible in this artistic photograph taken around the time of the Coronation which shows how far west the levelling was required.


Physical training had always been part of the College’s routine as this picture from c 1933 shows. Levelling was still continuing in 1857, when additions such as concrete cricket wickets and jumping pit were added the whole ‘becoming an increasingly valuable asset.’

card-8-part-3By 1994 the buildings along the north side of the Dytche had been extended from the Gym (1938), the Library (opened by Lord Asa Briggs in 1978), the Tom Atkinson Building (1968) and the Fred Wheeler Building (1984).


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