Work (Manchester)

Artist: Ford Madox Brown

This is a reproduction

Born on 16th April 1821, Brown was an English painter, though born in Calais, France. He is associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, (a group of British artists noted for their attention to detail, vibrant colours and interest in scenes from literature) although he himself was never an official member.

In 1848, a member of the brotherhood Dante Gabriel Rossetti appeared on Brown’s doorstep, asking for art lessons. Through the association, he developed many of the brotherhood’s stylistic tendencies – mainly the use of bright colours and attention to detail.

You can read more about him here.

He begun work on the painting in 1852 and didn’t finish it until just over a decade later in 1863. It was commisioned by Thomas Plint, who sadly died before its completion.

There’s an interactive version of the painting, aimed at KS2 pupils, that can be a fun little distraction. It can be found here.


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