Winchester Cathedral from the East


Artist: Ben Sunlight

Dimensions: 85.3cm x 65.9cm

I couldn’t find much information with regards to this specific artwork, however there appear to be other works by the artist of the same name with very similar style.

He was born in Brighton in 1935, died in 2002. Educated at Clifton, Magdalene College Cambrige and Central School of Art & Design (now called Central St. Martins).

A Vice-Chairman of the Free Painters and Sculptors Ltd 1965-1968, Sunlight was a gifted colourist, influenced by architecture as well as the Neo-Impressionists and artists such as Cezanne, Degas and Matisse. Such men, were likely his spiritual father figures of modern art.

In an interview with his widow, Vivien Sunlight, she said that:

He’d go out with his camera to look for a particular view or something that really interested him and he’d spend a long time composing the image. Then he’d bring the photo to the studio instead of working outside – as the Impressionists originally had done – and paint.

The full interview can be found here.

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