Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 8


There was no Chapel in Colson’s original plans and it was not until subscription allowed that this Chapel was added after 1880.


As student numbers grew the chapel extended westwards between 1897 and 1910 and a door was inserted in the south side. Compulsory Chapel remained part of the College life until c 1970.


An undated picture of the interior of the Chapel after extension beyond the arch which shows the position of the former west end. There were 75 students present in the 1901 census, compared with the 56 planned for in 1860.








After a new Chapel was built, once more in response to growing numbers, the old Chapel became the Winton Memorial Room where those who had fallen in two World Wars were commemorated. The east end was walled off into a small chapel for private prayer, ‘compline and small services arranged by students’, beyond the division seen here.




Decorative opus sectile panels were erected  by Principal Martin in remembrance of his wife and son who both died in early 1905. Although they are seen in the undated early picture, left, in the 1950s they were covered over maybe in response to changing liturgical fashion.






Rediscovered in 2003, they were restored in time for the centenary in 2005. Here we see a representation of the wheat for the communion bread. ‘Repitching the tent’ was how Bishop Scott-Joynt described the decision to revert to the Winton Memorial Room in 1997 and open up the closed-off chancel of the former chapel at the east end of that building once more.


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