Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 20

Card 27 part 1

To the right are images representing the early experience of learning in the Lecture Hall in the main building, and that traditional teacher-training remains a strength of the University.

Card 27 part 2

The print shop: practical skills were always part of the training of the male teachers at Winchester.

Card 27 part 3

A seminar outside the lecture rooms or ‘Lecture Loggia’ before the days of the Herbert Jarman Building.

Card 27 part 4

Teacher training was early in the swing of computers, for schools. Here Beryl Orchard conducts a class in the 1980s. There have been fruitful links with IBM in the locality especially their research department at Hursley over the years, and students have won positions there.

Card 27 part 5

The image to the right represents the modern teaching and learning experience.

Card 27 part 6

The annual writers’ conference audience in the refurbished and extended Stripe auditorium. Each year the university hosts this Winchester event. A series of Foundation and other public lectures is held in this venue through the year.

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