Diamond Jubilee Exhibition (A look Back) Part 19

To celebrate University status a number of new works of art were commissioned to extend the art collection from over the years. Some of these are shown here:

Card 26 part 1

The Dancers on the terrace of the University Centre by Lucy Unwin, a graduate of the Winchester School of Art in 2006 endorses support for local artists.

Card 26 part 2


Alice Kettle’s wall-hanging in Reception, commissioned for that space in 2008 in the year that the University received its grant of arms. It contains the University motto ‘Wisdom ond Lar’ and represents the local landscape, active partnership with the local community, student life and the eco-friendly ethos of the university.

Card 26 part 5

The sheep by JollyRoger of Devon on the green, planted roof of The Stripe are a humorous reminder of the university’s commitment to sustainability and biodiversity.


Sasha Ward’s glass panels in the Martial Rose Library staircase represent aspects of the history and associations of Winchester including the Anglo-Saxon Alfred Jewel now in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and the internationally-treasured Winchester Bible commissioned by Henry of Blois, brother of King Stephen c 1160.





Looking through the Past to the Present by Roger Stephens (2003). This loan-sculpture in non-local stone and steel set between the main building of 1862 and the University Centre of 2005 is a trope for many aspects of the new university: its educational development, courses, former staff and students, history and setting.

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