Work (Manchester)

Artist: Ford Madox Brown Born on 16th April 1821, Brown was an English painter, though born in Calais, France. He is associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, (a group of British artists noted for their attention to detail, vibrant colours and interest in scenes from literature) although he himself was never an official member. In 1848, … Continue reading Work (Manchester)

Old Church and Steps

Artist: Laurence Stephen Lowry Born on the 1st November 1887 in England, Stretford, Lancashire. Famous for painting scenes of life in the industrial districs of North West England, his distinctive style of painting is best known for urban landscapes populated with human figures often referred to as "matchstick men" One element throughout this artist's works is … Continue reading Old Church and Steps

Winchester Cathedral from the East

Artist: Ben Sunlight Dimensions: 85.3cm x 65.9cm I couldn't find much information with regards to this specific artwork, however there appear to be other works by the artist of the same name with very similar style. He was born in Brighton in 1935, died in 2002. Educated at Clifton, Magdalene College Cambrige and Central School of … Continue reading Winchester Cathedral from the East