Grand Paintings by Rosa Branson

well-meet-againThe paintings by Rosa Branson are notoriously famous around the university and scattered throughout the main campus. From the Main Building to The Stripe, the large vibrant landscapes decorate the peacocks-butterflies-at-sunsetwalls, some of which present university’s values and dedication to learning.

Paintings Include: (from top to bottom) We’ll meet again,   Peacocks & Butterflies at Sunset,   Peacocks & Butterflies with Rainbow,   Jonah and the Whale,   The University of Winchester and   Celebrating 175 years of value-led education.

The last painting celebrates the 175th anniversary of the founding of the institution by the Church of England. It depicts clergy, theologians and lay people of many Christian denominations who have lived during this period and changed the world and the Church. Embodying the University’s aspiration to explore and to grow in wisdom and love.

Artist Info: 

Born in 1933, a British painter and fabric designer. Brathe-university-of-winchesternson has completed over 600 paintings at hjonah-and-the-whaleer house in Highgate, London. Her biggest motivation was the work of her father (who was an artist himself).When she begun she was told she couldn’t become a professional painter, “as to do so it was necessary to paint for 6 hours a day” and that she’d have to paint on small canvases as it was only “appropriate for her”. She defied this and has spent the last 57 years creating large paintings for 7 hours a day.celebrating-175-years-of-value-led-education


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