Sculptures by Amy Goodman

sab-n-57Based at Project Workshops in Hampshire, Goodman is a sculptor and portrait artist who started drawing and sculpting from a young age. Having ridden all her life, horses have been a predominant feature among her work.

“As long as I can remember I have drawn and sculpted animals, particularly horses. The character
and movement of the subject matter are very important to me – a few strokes of paint or a few
lines of steel can say so much.”

She works in a range of mediums; welded steel and bronze sculpture as well as a variety of 2D work which includes equestrian ink and acrylic wash paintings.


Sculptures included:   Prancing Horse,   Peacock,   Galloping Thoroughbred,   Eagle Catching Fish,   Snow Leopard, The Angel,   Howling Wolf and   Tree of Peace & Reconciliation.         the-angelgalloping-thoroughbred
Sea Eagle




Her work is shown internationally and regularly exhibited with the Society of Equestrian Artists, where she herself is an Associate member.

howling-wolfAfter working in the South-west of France for four year, she returned to the UK in 2008 to become a resident artist at the Project Workshops in Hampshire.

These works are littered across the campus, from behind the lift on the top level of Saint Alphege to any open space in front of the Main building and gardens and even roofs…

Visit the artist’s website by clicking here.

View works available for purchase here.





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